Invisalign For Teens

There are Invisalign aligners that are designed specifically for the unique needs of teenagers. Read on to learn what makes teen aligners different from standard treatment.

Invisalign Just For Teens

With Invisalign aligners for teens you get the same clear, removable plastic aligners as treatment for adults. Plus, there are a number of additional features that make the process easier for teens. Request an appointment to learn more.

What makes Invisalign for teens different?

Invisalign for teens address the barriers that teens may face when it comes to successful treatment. Features include:

Compliance Indicators

Teens tend to take their aligners out more frequently and for longer periods of time than prescribed, which can be very disruptive to treatment.

Invisalign for teens have compliance indicators on them – small blue dots that fade away after the aligners have been worn for two full weeks (336 hours), to help teens get back on track.

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Invisalign for teens comes with stageable ‘eruption tabs’ that provide space for second molars as they grow in. These eruption tabs can help align the molars as they grow, and prevent them from growing in crooked or too far into the opposite molar’s space.

6 Sets of Replacement Aligners

Invisalign for teens includes six sets of replacement aligners to help reduce the treatment delays and dental health problems that can result from lost or broken aligners.

A Smart Solution for Busy Teens

Invisalign for teens is designed to meet the specific needs of teenagers who want straighter smiles.

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